Granite or Marble which one is good for gravestones?


HeadstonesMarble and granite are perhaps the most talked and written about, when it comes to choices of materials for headstones. Headstones, no matter in which sizes or shapes they have been used, have not ceased to be one of the integral parts of our lives. The grieving souls who have just lost their loved ones to death, erect headstones as memorials. They express their feelings for the lost soul in a few words that are permanently inscribed on the headstones.

Considering the kind of importance commanded by these memorials in our lives, it is definite that families become quite picky when it comes to the choice of the gravestones. As already mentioned above, marble and granite usually become top contenders with others like limestone, sandstone etc in toe. However, if you are wondering which among marble and granite you should opt for, then go further through the post to be amply informed.

Modern users today mostly prefer granite over marble owing to one reason and that is endurance. As per available information, marble used to be a popular choice earlier but owing to its composition has ceased to remain so. It is primarily composed of granular limestone and deep crystalline- a combination that renders it brittle. Many of the earlier gravestones, owing to erosion, primarily have some of their inscriptions unreadable at present.

Granite on the other hand, is considered to be much harder in comparison. It is an igneous rock largely composed of mica, feldspar and quartz. It is considered to have more endurance than marble and is expected to stand the test of time. Some even claim that marble in modern days has been primarily consigned to domestic use whereas granite is more preferred in the cemeteries owing to their durability.

Therefore, as it becomes clear that you can easily rely on granite when it comes to immortalizing your loved ones through memorials. Keep your confusions aside and choose from among a host of granite headstones, if you are someone who has just bade farewell to his/her loved one.

The internet will at once provide you with a host of names of manufacturers dealing with headstones. Go through the websites thoroughly. If you are particularly impressed by some of these designs then make sure that you are short listing the names of the companies providing them. As budget will be one of the crucial factors determining your choice of the gravestone, make sure that you are enquiring of the prices charged by the manufacturers as well. Make sure that you are consulting someone who has due reputation in the market and is considerate towards your family members as well.

Other Points to Take Note Of

• Please make sure that the carvings on the gravestone are decided upon by the entire family

• One doesn’t really have to be mournful when it comes to memorial inscriptions- they can be reflective of happy remembrance as well

• Follow the cemetery rules regarding the material for headstones to be used- do make sure that the gravestones are maintained properly as well


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