Headstones Inscription- Give a Personal Touch of Love to Your Loved one’s Memorial

headstone inscription

The thought of choosing a headstone, kerb or else a plaque for your loved one might at once seem displeasing or depressing. But as you lose him/her to death you can hardly rule out the necessity of paying proper tribute to the deceased. Headstones or gravestones are erected in order to immortalize the departed forever. It contains personal information about the deceased like his name, date of birth, date of death etc. The family members are also allowed to express their own feelings, framed in a few words that are perfectly fitted in the slab.

The material for the gravestone can range from marble to granite, bronze etc. A lot of thought goes in to the choice of the proper gravestone for the departed. Starting right from the material to the colour and the inscription- everything will take up considerable time.

Now, as far as the inscriptions are concerned, it is quite understandable that your family members would want different expressions to be indelibly etched out the slab of marble, granite or bronze. The mourners are at the liberty of inscribing a short poem or a few verses in honour of the departed. However, please remember that it will not really be easy to accommodate everyone’s desired inscriptions on a single slab.

Each of the mourners in family might have different memories of varied kinds of time spent with the departed. It might happen that each of these distinct memories cannot really be etched in one single slab owing to space issues. So it would be advisable if you can come up with a few verses or lines that reflect the feeling of everyone of the family member for the soul that has just risen beyond its earthly existence. You can always find headstone messages online.

But it would be advisable if you actually take the trouble to compose something of your own in order to make sure that you are able to add that much needed personal touch. That would simply be priceless.

Everyone in your family can sit down and think of verses complimenting everyone’s feeling and the length of the verse at the same time.

If you want you can also compose one or two lines expressing your feeling. Ask all your family members to do the same. Then the person who is entrusted with the job of engraving, can put all these sequentially. But do not forget to keep these lines real short so that everyone can write and the lines then on is well represented on the slab.

Please make sure that you are consulting your craftsmen duly about the material of the headstones chosen, the budget, the kind of inscriptions that he can engrave. Make sure that you are leaving out due space on the slab if you are willing to design the slab as well

Consult multiple gravestone makers in order to know about the services and rates offered in detail. Additionally ensure that the manufacturer you are settling for is duly handling emotional inconsistencies as well.


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