Is Graveside Ceremony Required for a Christian Burial?

graveside ceremony

A burial to the consecrated ground stands as almost necessary for the Christians. Until some time back, the Christians were heavily opposed to the idea of cremation. But with gradual progression of time that opposition has weakened whereby some Catholics can even be cremated now.

Nonetheless, there are some particular reasons why burial is still preferred by Christians:

• It is regarded and believed that burial is an act of respect, whereby Christians don’t allow the body to be decimated by scavengers by leaving it on the top of the ground

• Burial at times is regarded as the stepping stone to the next life. Many religions believe in the concept of afterlife.

• The concept of graveside burial has a psychological angle to the entire ceremony as well whereby it is believed that inhumation frees the family members of the psychological pain and stress. Cremation implies that the family members aren’t getting to see the body in any way which in turn is believed to lessen their grief

• On a more scientific note, if a body is left to decompose on its own, it might lead to the spread of smell or infection in air.

Christian Burials- Some Facts

BW Flowere

It is important to plan out a funeral properly in a bid to ensure that you are paying the most fitting tribute to the deceased. You cannot afford to go wrong with the arrangements and you have to make sure that you are duly alleviating your emotional stress in a bid to make arrangements suitably.

Get in touch with a good Funeral Minister who will preside over the actual ceremony.

A wisely selected funeral home will ensure that you do not have to fret over even the smallest of the arrangements including flowers, casket, seats for guests, funeral registration etc

In order to search and find a reliable funeral home in your area or neighbourhood, you must conduct a proper research. In this regard, you can consult relevant funeral directors who can be found online. Most funeral service providers can be found with their websites. In order to know about the general services offered by the funeral homes, you must consult the funeral directors first. If possible, you can get in touch with friends and relatives, who have availed their services, to chip in with some due suggestions and ideas.

Reading out verses from the Bible remains an integral part of the whole burial or funeral ceremony or process whereby the minister reads out words of strength from the Holy Bible for the family so that they can cope up with the loss with courage.

Today, many people who believe in Christianity are opting cremation over burial owing to the rising costs of the latter. However, they are duly careful of the fact that the cremation is carried out keeping the Biblical rules in view. But, some Christians still oppose the practice of cremation citing that a body that is burnt will find no way of resurrecting and reuniting with Christ:


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