Why Choose Eco-Friendly Headstone

greenMankind, today in a bid to step up its efforts against possible environmental decay as a result of global warming is leaving no stones unturned to ensure that the series of “Go green” initiatives launched in different parts of the world are successful. The use of eco-friendly headstones is a significant step towards that end. The answer to the question- “Why an eco-friendly headstone should be used?” can simply be put in words “because they are environment-friendly!” The threat of global warming is looming large and there is no reason why we should not look at different ways to spearhead our own little campaigns against it- be it through planting more trees or using environment friendly headstones.


The fast advent of technology has made it possible to create headstones out of composite plant materials and the zero movement of rocks for being used as raw materials.

Those of you out there who are apprehensive of the fact that the chosen tombstone will lose its traditional appeal, can well be rest assured that nothing of that sort will happen as these stones are wrought keeping both the environmental and traditional factors in view in terms of look and usage. The central portions of these headstones look like stained glass windows. There are a wide array of designs or pictures to choose from, including, serene trees, intricate designs of flowers, lakeside etc.

These headstones are duly resistant against scratches, mildew, erratic weather, stains etc. The entire idea is to promote the environmental designs by lesser movements of rocks thereby protecting mother earth.

There are some who even choose their own headstones (framed in wonderful designs) and leave the date of death to be engraved later. As you have gained a fair idea of what the environmental headstone is, you can start your search for the same in case it is required at this point of time. Dealing with the death of a loved one and making due pre and post funeral arrangements for him or her can prove way too difficult. However, a headstone stands as a fitting tribute to the departed. It serves as a platform where you leave that much precious last message for the deceased. Why not do it in a responsible manner? At the end of the day, reducing your environmental footprint in every possible manner is a social responsibility as well. Come to think of it. Hardly anything would be regarded as better as the most fitting tribute to the departed.eco-frnd2

There are already, some legal restrictions on the extraordinary mercury emissions of coffins used in traditional burials. There might soon be a time when there will be a very few places or cemeteries left in the entire country that will allow traditional burials.


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